Question by  JD26 (17)

What size lotion bottle can I take on an airplane?

What are some craft ideas for lotion bottles?


Answer by  Amanda26 (9)

You can take any sized bottle if it is in your checked luggage. If you are taking the lotion on your carry-on, then it cannot exceed 3 oz.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

All liquid such as gels, body wash, shampoo and lotion or other products close to this need to be under 4 oz. each or 90 ml in a zip lock plastic bag. Though it really depends on your airline. It is best to check their website for their specific policies.


Answer by  VetTech75 (29)

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) states that you are allowed to bring a bottle of liquid or gel (of which lotion would be considered) in a bottle no larger than 3 ounces. You are allowed to bring bottles larger than this on the place but the bottles MUST be packed inside of your luggage.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

Any size of lotion bottle can be taken on an airplane so long as it is stowed in the hold with larger luggage. If you want to take a bottle into the cabin then the maximum size allowed is 3 oz.


Answer by  Lazarus (7)

You are allowed to take any sized bottle with you if it is in your checked luggage. If it is carry on then it can't be over 3 ounces.


Answer by  StanA (30)

The size limit for a individual bottle is 3 ounces. They must be in a 1 quart zip lock bag and screened for carry on per person.

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