Question by  johnpcharles (14)

What should I think about a guy who, when I asked him out, he said "Maybe"?

Does that mean no or yes? Is he not interested?


Answer by  kbo (401)

If a guy says 'maybe' when asked out, this will probably mean that he is not interested, and would indicate an answer of 'no' because he did not directly come out and say 'yes. ' However, in very extreme cases, this could mean 'maybe' like the guy does not know yet if he can go out on that particular day.


Answer by  genuphobia (15)

It could mean he's interested but already seeing someone (but is maybe unhappy), or just unsure. Either way suggest spending time doing friend stuff and try getting to know him better. If he's just indecisive and you really like him, take a lead in the situation and he'll follow


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Sounds like he may be interested but is playing hard to get. Ask him one more time and if he says the same thing then forget about him and see if he asks you out.


Answer by  amj (99)

Sounds like this person most likely enjoys playing games, depending on how he said it. If he didn't say it in a coy or playful manner, it means no.

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