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Question by  prema (14)

What should I name my pet rat?

He is a boy.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

You should name your pet rat : Charlie :)) is a very nice name like Charlie in 2 and a half men , or you should call him Max .


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

It depends on his personality. If he's a noisy one- Squeakers. If he's a bit on the attention wanting side- Mickey. You could always go for nostalgia too and call him Yoshi (like in teenage mutant ninja turtles). But ultimately the decision is up to you. Just make sure he responds to it.


Answer by  scorbitt (252)

I am always a fan on alliteration, so anything with an R. Remy the Rat, Ronald the Rat, Robbie the rat, you get the drift.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

The first name that comes to mind is Speedy Gonzales. Also choose a name that matches his personality and actions. Also consider his coloring and size when choosing a name.


Answer by  riverjoe21 (89)

Naming a pet is all up to you! Maybe name it after something you like or after some characteristic you notice early on with your pet.


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

First off, good choice :) I had a pet rat a few years back and named him scratchy because he had longer claws. You should give him a name that matches his personality.. Fuzzy, Whitey, Johnny, Whatever comes to mind.

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