Question by  Rachel67 (41)

What should I know about cleaning bathrooms with ammonia?


Answer by  Tracy74 (229)

Read the directions on the bottle and mix with water per directions, use gloves, and never ever mix ammonia with bleach this can kill a person it makes a very toxic gas. Ammonia is good for disinfecting they shower, sinks, toilet seat, fixtures, and the toilet bowl. It has a fowl odor you may want to wear a mask.


Answer by  martin (522)

Never mix ammonia (or cleaners containing ammonia) with chlorine bleach (or cleaners that contain chlorine). The ammonia and chlorine in the cleaners will combine to form a toxic gas. People have died from breathing this gas. Also make sure that the bathroom has adequate ventilation because ammonia fumes are irritating to the eyes and throat.


Answer by  NarayanaMurthy (197)

ammonia is not an cleaning agent, never user ammonia, it is harful chemical, it creates irritation to your respiratory track,you will not withstand its pungent odour,your will come out with burning eyes if to expose to ammonia gas,for some reason if you want to use ammonia then use ammonia canister.


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

The most important thing to remember is never combine ammonia products with those containing chlorine, like Comet, bleach, and most mildew cleaners. You can use both products on the same surface, but NOT at the same time, since poisonous chlorine gas will be released by a chemical reaction. There are other toxic chemicals that could also be released.

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