Question by  bnowozin (54)

What should I do if my dog's front tooth is loose?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Nothing. Dogs lose teeth during their younger years in life to make room for new ones. They generally lose them on their own and you don't need to help them. However if your puppy gets double canines at the top or the bottom, meaning the baby teeth and the adult teeth are both there, you have to get it surgery.


Answer by  DogLady85 (171)

Unless this is a young puppy you need to see your vet. If he appears to be in pain (cries out, avoids touch, won't eat) go right away!


Answer by  Falcongirl77 (73)

If your dog is a puppy, this is normal -- they lose their teeths like children do. However, if your dog is an adult, you might want to make sure that your dog is getting adquate nutrition.


Answer by  CP (232)

There is not much you can do. You may just have to let it take its course and let it fall out. As long as it does not seem to be bothering your dog.

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