Question by  leelawati (35)

What should I do if my dog ingested skunk spray?

I don't even know how he got into it.


Answer by  mc (74)

I would suggest you call your veterinarian and they will advise you. You also could call poison control and they may know what you should do. I would imagine it would not be fatal or particularly harmful to your dog, maybe he will have an upset stomach and he may vomit.


Answer by  Hannae (30)

It will just take a little while for it to come out. But you can try Tomato juice and white vinegar.


Answer by  Gman (33)

Try and avoid giving the dog solid foods. Liquids are more important until the dog starts behaving more normally. If they start showing symptoms, try and treat him or her as if they were dealing with a normal cold. Otherwise, you're probably safe

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