Question by  worker2764 (9)

What should I do if my boyfriend refuses to break up?


Answer by  mjl10 (282)

Explain (or try to explain) to him that people in a relationship have "veto power". One can't stay in if the other doesn't. Begin to distance yourself from him by refusing his calls, not running to him with questions, not hanging out with him, etc.


Answer by  AnjoBanjo (271)

First of all stop all contact. Change your telephone number if you have to. If he continues to see you at your home or work for example you may have to get outside help. For instance you may have to talk to his family or your family or a counselor. If he becomes a stalker, report it to the police.


Answer by  John (9008)

He doesn't have that option; if either party wants a relationship to be over, then it is over. Explain this to him in a public place, and further explain that if he does not stop harassing you, you will get a restraining order. Then, if he doesn't leave you alone, get the restraining order and call the police.


Answer by  anandakumar (65)

If you decide to breakup your relationship with your boyfriend, please have a open discussion with him and explain why you have taken this hard decision. If he refuses, then dont make contact with him for any reason and try to act of doing things which hurts your boyfriend.


Answer by  sunkistrocks (14)

Honey. . . . .when you say it's over, it's over. It takes two to tango and be in a relationship.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

If you want to break up with him there is nothing he can do to stop you from doing so. If he threatens you in any way you should seek the assistance of a counselor or police officer. He can not force you to be in a relationship with him.


Answer by  Bob70 (15)

If it were me, I would break up with him anyway. You need to stand up for yourself and tell him how it's going to be. Nobody should be able to tell you what to do.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm in the same exact situation. Its not easy , I told my Ex the relationship is over for me but he still says he wont give up even made me feel guilty about talking to another guy and called me a cheater:(...

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