Question by  Patrick (37)

What should I do if my boyfriend called me stupid?

Do you think he meant it?


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

Well, I wasn't there. More importantly, do YOU think he meant it? Was he joking in a mean way? Does he like belittling you? I wouldn't hang date someone who called me stupid. But if it was a transgression, and you maybe you did do something not smart, its okay.


Answer by  Seifer4ever (24)

It depends on the tone. Some boyfriends say such things to tease. However, if he says it a lot no matter what his mood than you he doesn't deserve you.


Answer by  munteanflorina (84)

You are the only one that can properly assess if he meant it or it was only a joke - but usually, if he was angry on something about you, he could really mean it, in the anger of the moment.

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