Question by  denise52 (38)

What should I do if I fell and hurt my back?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

If the fall is not to serious you should lie on the floor or something as hard with your back to the floor. When bending bend at the knees. Sometimes warmth helps the injury maybe a hot water applied to the back area that is hurting.


Answer by  Grace (128)

Go see a doctor!!!!!! Your back is very important. If you fell and hurt your spinal column, it is fatal. This might intervene with your growth and may lead to more serious problems. If this is just a minor fall, then put a pain patch on to ease the pain.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

If you think it's serious, see a doctor and/or an experienced chiropractor.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

First get checked up by your doctor. It may only be sprained or bruised but it could always be something like a bulge. Ice and heat your back as needed.


Answer by  Kayla (144)

If you can still move around and such you should wait about a week and if it still hurts then, then you should probably go see a doctor or a physician to make sure you did not break or harm your spinal cord.


Answer by  Anonymous

I fell and i hurt my back and now i can barely move my back or neck?


Answer by  Anonymous

I slipped on wet floor and fell on my back. In a few areas it hurts a bit but i can move around. How can I heal my back?


Answer by  l0pez2598 (0)

My son swung and from a indoor pull-up bar and fell on back. What should I do?

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