Question by  sin (28)

What problems are associated with chihuahuas that are inbred?


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

Inbred chihuahuas have less dense bones, are more prone to nervousness, and typically have under developed organs that are weak and are subject to failure.

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Is there any test that can confirm inbreeding? Or puppies born in PUPPYMILL conditions? Over bred mother?  add a comment

Answer by  mammakat (11147)

First, inbreeding will increase the risk of carrying on any deficit or negative trait carried by the parents. You can expect to see hip problems, eye problems, the female may have a smaller pelvis making delivery problematic. As well, inbreeding presents in negative behavior traits, excessive nervousness, a tendency to run in circles constantly, shorter life span, heart failure, etc.


Answer by  iproxii (34)

Inbred chihuahuas tend to become aggressive for some unknown reason. Sometimes it also puts them at risk for different diseases and genetic factors. You have to be careful that the two chihuahuas being bred are in excellent shape.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

The same problems that are associated with all breeds of dogs that are inbred. Their coordination can be affected so they can't walk or run as well and fall a lot. Their brain function can also be diminished, so they can't learn things as easily as they normally would and aren't as easy to train.

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My brother in law has a bother and sister chihuahua and they have had pups together, your comment explains each of the pups disorders, the one we have can't seem to learn to use the puppy pad and we have done everything he is now 8 months old.  add a comment
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continued.. the girl pup is very agressive, and sadly the other boy pup can't walk very well it seems like something is wrong with his spine. Recently the mother just had more pups from her brother.  add a comment

Answer by  tjwltrs (109)

Chihuahuas that are inbred are more likely to have health and behavioral problems. An inbred dog is more likely to require more care as a puppy and as an adult.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Inbreeding of any dog is not a good practice. Genetic problems arise and deformation of the puppies occur. Inbreeding depression is another factor. Chihauhaus have a very large head and have to be delivered by c sections alot of the time. putting the dog in danger for inbreeding is cruel and inhumane.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

Well as with any other dog, they can be more prone to birth disorders. Some can be born with more then one of the same parts. You should not intentionally inbreed your pets. If it happens unexpectedly then so be it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Inbreeding may cause the ignorant owner, (your brother-in-law) to be stuck with a bunch of unhealthy puppies. The best cure for this condition is to spaay/neuter pets and the owner as well. If he is this lame best he not be part of the gene pool either! vasectomy time!


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My little guy has suffered from 1ailment after another. 1st mange, then which my other chihuahua contracted, then breathing problems, I think sinus infection but yet to be determined. Now back to mange, which my other dog is now has, & breathing problems again. Teeth r growing out not down!

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