Question by  Paul (25)

What pills will clean out your system?


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Detox pills, such as Pre Acai Berry Diet Cleanse, or laxatives, such as Senna or Ex-Lax will help to clean out the system.


Answer by  swizz (390)

Pills that can clean out your systems are called Detox pills. There are different brands of pills that you can purchase. You need to make sure that you pick the one that is right for you.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

Things like laxatives will clean out your system. There is a good one called colon cleanse which is made just for this reason. You can also try a detox pill, there are a lot of those out there. Niacin is supposed to help, or you can try good old fashioned prune juice.


Answer by  Jules28 (196)

There are several types of Detox pills on the market that you can take. Niacin pills are reported to work, but can also cause all-over body rashes after consumption. Pills made from Senna, Cascara Segrada, or Goldenseal will clean out your system quickly and will little side effects if taken properly.


Answer by  DrGlove (23)

A quality natural supplement company called American Botanicals makes a product called Intestinal Formula 1. Intestinal One contains Senna and Cascara Sagrada. Both natuarlly stimulate elimination. These ingredients are balanced with other cleansing herbs. The formula is non addicting, in fact it trains your colon to eventually work by itself.


Answer by  MaryEllen (51)

Laxatives in pill form will clean out your system. One example would be Dulcolax. These are the pills the doctor tells you take the night before a colonoscopy. Another brand is Ex-Lax.


Answer by  bejit1 (17)

Dulcolax tablets will easily clean out your system and cause loose stools for several hours. It is definitely a big help to empty to colon and small bowel. It is better than prune juice!!


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well instead of taking pills it is better to try the master cleanse. The master cleanse composed of lemons, cayenne pepper and water will flush out your system and keep your body clean.


Answer by  Roopa (74)

To clean out your system from infestations by worms, any pill comprising of the component Mebedazole will give you a great relief.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

Laxatives help clean out your system. Acia berry helps to clean out your system, but water is always the best way. Drink tons of it.

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