Question by  Lucy401 (43)

What percentages of marriages last 50 years in the US?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

5 percent. That is 1 in 20 marriages. A little more than half of the married couples end up in divorce after the first 2 years. 15 % actually can make it to 15 years. Hopefully your marriage/your future marriage will be that lucky 5 percent. Don't give up when the chips are down.

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my wife and I celebrated fifty years of marriage last June 10th. We were also next door neighbors, and we grew up together !! Marriage is something BOTH people have to strive for. We have 2 children~6 grands~and 9 great grand kids !!  add a comment
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That is the key...don't give up...our vows were to death us do is easy for a couple to hit a rough patch and give up, don't do it. Work through it.  add a comment
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We will be married 50 years next Friday the 28th, I agree that you have to both work at it. It is too easy now to just say goodbye and go your own way. We knew each other for 10 days before eloping.  add a comment

Answer by  Rose (6804)

Considering that 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce today the rates for marriages lasting 50 years it under 50% of marriages will last that long.


Answer by  shahnawazjelil (68)

30% because people in U. S get married only to settle their material and sexual desires. This is why people get frustrated and think of another person in his/her life. As the old saying says "lust is an enemy of love".

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