Question by  prince (18)

What museums are in Paris?

I want to visit some when I am there.


Answer by  Djbruton (583)

The Louvre is the only museum worth seeing.It is essentially all museums wrapped into one. You will not want to go elsewhere once you visit the Louvre.

posted by Anonymous
No the louvre is the Museum so go to for Art. There are many other museums including the war museum beside the Tour Eiffel it has Napoleon's tomb, it is very interesting  add a comment

Answer by  amyturk (199)

The most famous museum in Paris is the Louvre. Others popular with tourists include the Musee de l'Armee, the Centre Pompidou, and the Musee d'Orsay.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

I would recommend the Louvre (if it wasn't famous already you know it now for the DaVinci Code), Centre Pompidou (really cool 20th century and modern art), and if you are into surrealist art, go to the Dali Espace.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

There are many art museums in Paris. The Louvre houses the Mona Lisa, the Centre Pompidu is a contemporary art museum and the Muse de Orsay is just for impressionism.


Answer by  traveldog (61)

The main attraction when it comes to Paris museums is the Louvre, but don't make the mistake of thinking you can "do" the Louvre in a couple of hours. You could easily spend several days seeing everything, but your feet will be killing you after half-day. Do some research, choose the things you really want to see, and pace yourself!

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