Question by  Anster (47)

What kinds of water frogs can you keep as a pet?


Answer by  Petcrazed (18)

A good beginner aquatic frog is the dwarf clawed frog. Another is the African clawed frog. They can live in dechlorinated water and are relatively easy to care for. You can feed them live or floating stick foods. There is also another type of frog in the same family called the albino African clawed frog!


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

There are several types that make good pets. The best and most easiest is the African Clawed frog. With little knowledge and expense, these frogs have built a great reputation.


Answer by  ksematt (27)

-Dwarf frogs are good to keep as pets because they are small and are really active. They are completely aquatic and are easily kept in captivity. -African clawed frogs are also good to keep as pets because they are aquatic and are really easy to care for. They are easily mistaken for the dwarf clawed frogs, though.


Answer by  Amy28 (47)

The African Dwarf frogs are a great choice for a beginner who wants a water frog as a pet. They are very low maintenance, and inexpensive. They only require daily feeding and an aquarium.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Dwarf Frogs and Arrican Clawed Frogs are competely aquatic. Oriental Fire Bellied Toads are Semi-aquatic. All three kinds are easy to take care of.


Answer by  jcombs220 (19)

One of the best water frogs for a beginner is african dwarf frog. another good choice is the african clawed frog.


Answer by  Brawl (47)

African dwarf frogs make good pets. You can also get an albino clawed frog or an african clawed frog, but the dwarf frogs are best.


Answer by  ajay (15)

Water should be provided in shallow non-metal bowl on the bottom of the terrarium. Water should be changed often.

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