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Question by  jack (14)

What kinds of illness can cause death to a hamster?


Answer by  ed714 (50)

Hamsters get a disease called "wet tail". Your hamster's back end will look wet, the fur will be clumped, wet, and probably discolored. The medicine is in pet stores. It is an antibiotic that you mix into your hamster's water bottle. Keep people away from your hamster and try not to add anymore stress while it is recuperating.


Answer by  Anonymous

Just about anything, from pneumonia to cancer. Hamsters are very small and fragile, so when they fall sick, they need extra care to make sure it doesn't result in death.


Answer by  Scott (109)

My hamster died of what is called "Wet Tail." It is where the hamster gets incurable diarrhea and thus has a "wet tail." This disease is very common and hard to prevent, but keeping the cage clean helps to keep it at bay.


Answer by  hamstersrule (3)

a hamsters can die many ways 1. old age 2. internal bleeding 3. wet tail 4. diabetes 5. sufication

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