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Question by  Zach54 (19)

What kind of outfit would coordinate with turquoise shoes?

I love the shoes, got them on sale, now can't figure out how to wear them.


Answer by  CMob05 (192)

You have to have the colors blend together, Black goes with everything but with turquoise, i think the best bet is a dark brown. If you could find a blouse that is the same color of the shoes and then some dark brown slacks i bet it would look totally awesome!!


Answer by  AngelSkyy (234)

Dress up your shoes with an outfit that is more neutral in colors. A nice pair of blue jeans, dark or light wash, paired with a black, white, cream, or other neutral color would bring a fantastic pop to the shoes.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

Any outfit with really basic colours will work. For instance if you wore black pants with a purple shirt that would go really well with turquoise. You could also wear jeans with a blue shirt and so on.


Answer by  Dinagirl (182)

It's easy... a white dress... just magic! Then you can put a scarf or a long nacklace and some braceletes in turquoise. Exelent result ;)


Answer by  cafish (2035)

A gauzy yellow print two piece outfit with some turquoise in it is good. Black pants or skirt with a blouse with turquoise in it is nice. A turquoise print bag with a solid color outfit is a good choice. Even a kelley green skirt with a kelley green and turquoise print top is an option.

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