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Question by  Aaron (21)

What kind of device do I need to record videos directly to my PC?


Answer by  AndrewKinsey (147)

You will need a webcam. Any webcam will work for this although usually more expensive ones are better than the cheap kind. I would recommend anything made by logicam, they have many quality products. to edit your videos you could use the standard windows movie maker, but if you're looking for better quality I would recommend Sony Vegas.


Answer by  Br33zeY (19)

Any kind of webcam will allow you to record videos straight to your computer. If you're looking to record TV shows or movies, some cable companies offer that as well.


Answer by  michaeltascarini (17)

You will need to buy a video capture device. Depending on whether you have desktop or a laptop, that will determine what kind of device needed


Answer by  scarjose (5)

DVD The DVD (Digital Versatile Disc, or less commonly Digital Video Disc) is an "alternative" to the compact disc (CD) that has six times more storage space (for the type of lower-capacity DVD: single layer and one side )....

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