Question by  Elizabeth95 (17)

What is wrong if well water is black?

My mom's well seems to be polluted.


Answer by  anthonymiele (32)

Black well water most likely means that Charcoal tines got in to the water or you have a cracked well casing. Use caution and call professional to fix.


Answer by  bitchstewie (489)

Well that could be a number of things, high organic content or mud getting into the screen. Have a licensed well driller look at the well.


Answer by  Ginger (376)

Normally this is caused by too much manganese and iron in the well. This can be a health hazard as bacteria will feed on the iron and manganese. Purchasing a ion exchange water softener may correct the problem, but having your water tested first to determine your plan of action may save money in the long run.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

The well could almost be dry. If it's running out of water it will suck dirt into the system. If it dries up they will have to drill another.


Answer by  Zon (122)

Contamination can be caused by nearby disruption of the water table by CONSTRUCTION, OTHER WELLS or natural occurances. Provide alternate drinking water until you determine that the turbidity in her water is not toxic. Local municipal water facilities can test it for a fee. Take samples in glass jars twice daily for comparison. Good luck.


Answer by  peacock (36)

It is related to the place of well. Coal is affected to well water black. Other reason is polluted water is near the well or neighborings. This type water contains mercury or lead substances. That affected brain.

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