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Question by  brianinmatawan (41)

What is the worlds most venomous snake?


Answer by  Deedle (30)

Hydrophis Belcheri member of the Elapidae family is also known as the Sea Snake is the worlds most potent venomous snake.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

In venom potency it is the Inland Taipan, native to Austrailia. In venom yeild it is the King Cobra. The Black Mamba ranks close to these as well.


Answer by  Bogotter (21)

Although it has a friendly temperment, the Belcher's Sea Snake is widely belived to be the most venemous snake in the world.


Answer by  Mikvah (57)

The Hydrophis Belcheri Sea Snake is the most venemous snake on the planet. Just a few milligrams of its' venom can kill around 1,000 people.


Answer by  Anonymous

Belcher's Sea Snake dont belive anyone who says tapien

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