Question by  kwhitaker (21)

What is the weather like in Grand Cayman in August?


Answer by  rolltide247 (12)

The weather in Grand Cayman in August is warm and very humid with tropical downpours possible at nearly anytime. The month of August also features a higher risk of being affected by Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.


Answer by  Fantaisa (10)

The weather is warm and somewhat humid most of the time. There are occasional hit and miss storms, but usually not enough to ruin a day. One thing to watch out for is hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic. August marks the start of hurricane season, so make sure you check the forecast before vacationing there!


Answer by  chet13 (332)

The temperature is hot, but the trade-winds bring a cool breeze, so its very comfortable. It rains from time to time, but only in short bursts.

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