Question by  Kathleen70 (19)

What is the wait for remarriage in Tennessee after divorce?

Are there legal guidelines?


Answer by  Scootron (112)

There is no waiting period to remarry after divorce in Tennessee. A marriage license is required to marry in Tennessee. In order for a divorced to obtain a marriage license he or she must provide a copy of their divorce decree to the County Clerk.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

It appears that in TN you are divorced once your order for divorce occurs. However, because the order becomes a final order after thirty days, you probably could not remarry during that time if you wanted to avoid confusion. Best conclusion in my opinion? Wait 30 days for order to become final.


Answer by  moorthi (37)

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Answer by  mani (813)

In Tennessee the appeal period for the parties to remarry after divorse is 30 days. After that period they can remarry


Answer by  Anonymous

I did it cant wait til 30 days are up


Answer by  Colemanbunny (231)

The only legal guidelines is that it must be recorded in the minutes of the Court that granted the divorce. This should be done at the divorce court. This is the only legal guideline.

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