Question by  anya (16)

What is the proper melatonin dose for a cat?


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Medication doses for a cat are usually weight-based and require very narrow dosing ranges. If you are considering giving a medication to your cat, consult your veterinarian regarding the appropriateness of the medication and the proper dose.


Answer by  near2land (493)

The dosage for melatonin for cats can vary per feline considering factors like weight, medical history and overall health condition so its best to rely on your vet's recommendation.


Answer by  mary70 (101)

Start with 0. 75 mg. You can repeat the dose as needed up to three times a day. This should at least start to help.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

For a cat, I had probably start with about 0. 75 mg [of melatonin]. Dose to be repeated as needed up to three times a day. After one month of melatonin plus phenobarbital therapy and for a year thereafter, the child's seizures were under control...

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Child's seizures? We are talking about cats here...nice copy/paste when it's not even relevant.  add a comment
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