Question by  Rose66 (21)

What is the nutrition value of a cucumber?


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

There is almost no nutritional value in a cucumber because it consists of mostly water. However, there is some roughage in the skin and seeds, which the body needs to aid digestion. There are useful trace elements, vitamins and minerals in it too, and its flavour and texture can encourage healthy eating.


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

Cucumbers are very good for you. They contain Vitamins A, C and K. They also are a source of Pantothenic acid, which lowers bad cholesterol. Cucumbers also contain the minerals magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and manganese. They are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and are an excellent source of fiber.


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

The cucumber has low calories and no fat. It is a good source of vitamin a c and k. It does contain natural sugars.


Answer by  ruth (407)

Cucumber juice can help your hair grow as well as help with eczema, arthritis and gout. Potassium has been proven to help stabilize blood pressure and potassium is found in cucumbers. It can help with digestion or in the treatment of pyorrhea. It can also help keep your nails from splitting.

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