Question by  willard (874)

What is the new Microsoft operating system to replace vista?


Answer by  Graydon (53)

The new operating system to replace Vista is Windows 7 and it fixes many little things that annoyed many people who used windows vista and were dissatisfied. The boot time has decreased so that your computer starts up faster and they have redone the taskbar to a new that use little boxes with a picture of the icon.


Answer by  Tails (130)

Windows 7 (pronounced seven) is supposed to replace Vista. It takes a lot from Vista, but removes the most annoying things and introduces new features.


Answer by  Dave95 (36)

This past October 2009, Microsoft released the next version in the Windows line: Windows 7. It is the operating system set to replace Vista.


Answer by  Boban (40)

The new Microsoft operating system which replaces Vista is Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 is much better, faster and more reliable than Microsoft Windows Vista.


Answer by  greenid (36)

The latest Microsoft operating system is Windows 7. Windows 7 takes many of the good qualities of Vista and Microsoft XP but also has its own new features. Overall, the functionality and ease of Windows 7 is similar to XP.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

The new Microsoft operating system that was composed to replace windows vista is simply windows 7. It is the newer, faster and highly more advanced then the previous windows, making it the newest.

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