Question by  Theresa36 (25)

What is the name of the basketball team in New Orleans?


Answer by  Mateo (42)

The city of New Orleans is home to the New Orleans Hornets, formerly of Charlotte, North Carolina. The team has been located there since 2002, though it relocated to Oklahoma City for two years following Hurricane Katrina.


Answer by  Milan (56)

The basketball team which comes from New Orleans is called New Orleans Hornets. They play thair home games in New Orleans Arena.


Answer by  clark84 (5)

The answer to this question, in the New Orleans Hornets. The New Orleans Hornets are previously from, Charlotte, North Carolina. The Hornets moved from Charlotte, to New Orleans, in 2002. They have been in the NBA, since 1988.


Answer by  browmie (5)

The basketball team that is located in New Orleand is the New Orleans Hornets. They play in the Southeast regionof the NBL (National Football League)


Answer by  Squeaks289 (273)

Assuming you mean NBA, the name of the basketball team in New Orleans is the Hornets. They used to be the Charlotte Hornets, but they moved to New Orleans a few years ago.

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