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Question by  Pete84 (41)

What is the most healthy popcorn?

I am talking about the brand as well as how you make it.


Answer by  mella (90)

I think the most healthy popcorn is the regualr white popcorn. It has no added butter or cheese flavoring. This just adds fat and calories which is not needed when eating popcorn. I think just a dash of salt is fine on this white popcorn with no butter. I would also look for the 100 calorie pack kettle corn.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

The brand of popcorn is not important providing you use a hot air-popped machine. It is the healthiest, as long as you do not add anything to the corn. If the thought of plain popcorn does not appeal to you, use a little Molly McButter, fat free substitute. This way is healthier than anything you can buy pre-packaged.


Answer by  asdfas (280)

Brand wise, the healthiest popcorn you can get is available at health food stores as just unprocessed, untreated popcorn kernels. I love popcorn, but hate how unhealthy microwave and movie popcorn is for you. I bought a popcorn popper at Target, and it's amazing. You can make it in three or four minutes, and control what goes on it.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Orville Reddenbachers popcorn the way you cook that is in an air container which means you would use an air popper.

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