Question by  anand13 (11)

What is the meaning of the last name Yoshida?

My boyfriends last name is Yoshida and I would like to know more about it.


Answer by  Lara16 (14)

Yoshida is one of the most name in Japanese surnames. It is the 12th most common surname in Japanese. It is found especially in central Japan. The meaning of Yoshida means lucky rice field or fragrant rice field.


Answer by  Elizabear (29)

The last name Yoshida means lucky rice field or fragrant rice field. Yoshida is the 12th most common Japanese surname and is ranked number 6668 in the United States. A few well-known people with the last name Yoshida include Kenji Yoshida, Mitsuru Yoshida, Shigeru Yoshida, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Takao Yoshida, and Ami Yoshida.


Answer by  vibhav (26)

Yoshida means lucky or good or fragnant rice paddy. The origin of this name is from Japan. It is very common throughout Japan, especially in the west and the Ryukyu Islands.


Answer by  Luigi (115)

The last name Yoshida doesn't actually mean anything specifically. However, it can be translated as "lucky ricefield", "blessed ricefield" or "fragrant ricefield".

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