Question by  schumz04 (17)

What is the meaning of a BUN level 48 in cats?

Is that high, low, just right?


Answer by  supergophe (40)

BUN stands for Blood Urea Nitrogen. The normal level for a cat is around 25. If your cat is at a level of 48, it is a little too high and should be watched. If a cat's BUN level continues to increase, he runs the risk the serious risk of renal failure.


Answer by  maddoris (6)

BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) is a waste product that is passed through the kidneys. The normal BUN range for cats is 14 - 36 so a level of 48 is high. Increases in BUN indicate dehydration which is often a symptom of kidney disease as well as other illnesses in cats.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

BUN is one of the blood values used to evaluate kidney function, though it can be impacted by non-kidney issues, as well. In order to put "48"into accurate perspective, you need to ask your vet for the lab's BUN reference range. This will vary from lab to lab.


Answer by  JMH918 (71)

A BUN of 48 in a cat is a little high. The blood test results should also give a reference range for BUN, which is typically 14-36 for cats. Ask your veterinarian as well.


Answer by  blairemarie (128)

BUN refers to blood urea nitrogen, and is one measure used in evaluating kidney function. BUN in felines is typically around 25. 48 is slightly high.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Blood Urea Nitrogen's a protein metabolyte excreted by the kidney. 25 is optimum. 48 is an indication this should be watched. Failure's usually around 150+. Ask your vet to interpret.


Answer by  amgall (39)

BUN is a measure of Blood Urea Nitrogen, or kidney function in a cat. It can be an indicator of renal failure, if accompanied by abnormal creatinine levels. If there are normal creatinine and normal urine concentration, higher BUN levels can be indicative of high protein diet. High levels such as 48, could also be indicative of dehydration.


Answer by  LittleJohn (242)

BUN means Blood Urea Nitrogen. It is a waste product of metabolism. It raises in the blood of cats with failing kidney. The level of the BUN rise in ill cats when not enough healthy kidney tissue remains to excrete it into the cat's urine.

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