Question by  constitutionalscholar (19)

What is the lifespan on a ferret?


Answer by  shesellsseashells (60)

Ferrets tend to live to be around six to ten years old, although they can survive for much longer, with some of the oldest domestic ferrets living to around 15 years old.


Answer by  Anonymous

My ferret personally lived to be 14 years old and he was the best thing ever. depending on how much love you give it can really be a factor in its life span.


Answer by  golden77 (27)

the average lifespan of a ferret is from 7-8 years while some live up to 10 or even 20 years to reach this "golden age".


Answer by  Alicette (139)

Pet ferrets have a life expectancy of 7-9 years. There are some illnesses and conditions to watch out for, though so get them a check up to maximize their lifespan.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

Ferrets generally have a natural life span of between five and seven years. However domesticated ones which receive excellent care can have their life significantly extended, some living up to ten years.

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