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What is the legal age to drop out of school in Texas?


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The law states that all children between the ages of six and sixteen must attend school. That can be a public school, a private school, or a home school. By law to quit or drop out of school at age sixteen you also need the signature of one of your parents.

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My grandpa was sixteen when he droped out and he is rich and has keeped the same job since sixteen. And I want to challenge myself by doing just that. Live MY LIFE the way I want to live it, not how the world wants me to live it.  add a comment
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Where is the challenge in keeping the same job (that requires no education) for your entire life?  add a comment

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Sections 25. 085 and 25. 086 of the Texas Education Code indicate that students must attend school until the age of 18, unless they have graduated or received a GED. Students can attend public or private schools, or be home schooled to meet the requirements. Failure to attend school can result in legal charges being filed against the parent or the student.


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The legal age is 17 years of age or older. If you want to get your GED beforethat age then you will need t get a judge's approval if you are under 16 years of age. At 16 you can ha ve the school recommend or a parents signature.


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You may legally end your education in texas at the age of eighteen. You may drop out a sixteen, but only if you enroll in a education completion program.


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idonno try droppin out now n c wut happens.. da worst is u get a ticket..

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Sounds like the last guy dropped out!  add a comment

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The legal age to run away or get a GED in Texas is 17

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