Question by  cejota (5)

What is the ideal boyfriend?


Answer by  Israel48 (70)

Mr. Right would be gracious, and kind. He would be a gentlemen in the old traditional manner. You know, opening doors, when walking down the street, he will be on your side nearest the street, when ordering at a restaurant, he will ensure you communicate your order first. He will not use profanity because he knows how to verbalize.


Answer by  erning (10)

A good boyfriend will always respect women regardless of age and physical features. He is very reasonable, patient and would always love you unconditionally.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

A persons ideal boyfriend will be different for everyone, depending on what the partner or both partners,likes. In general I would think the ideal boyfriend would be someone who values his partner, loves everything about his partner, does not try to change them, but accepts their faults along with their positive aspects. And who also does not spit... lol


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

That all depends on what a particular woman wants in a man. Certain traits such as a sense of humor, good looks, security, money, humility, reliability and confidence are all very important factors that women consider when choosing a man. There is no one "ideal boyfriend". Some women pawn over geeks while others enjoy the company of an athelete.


Answer by  gesiku (22)

Unique for every person, but they must be compatible with their significant other. They should always be understanding and forgiving, because without that a relationship won't work.


Answer by  Sabrina09 (12)

The ideal boyfriend really depends on personal taste when it comes to appearance. However, when it comes to character and quality, the ideal boyfriend should be someone you can trust, someone you can count on and someone who makes you truly happy. He should have good work ethics and he should know what he wants out of life.

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