Question by  chilli (126)

What is the highest vertical leap on record for a human?

I would like to beat a record and think I have the biggest chance with this.


Answer by  Butter (68)

The average vertical leap in the NBA is 28". Michael Jordan who played for the Chicago Bulls could jump. Jordan's vertical leap was 48". However the world record vertical jump is 60" by Kadour Ziani.


Answer by  mike3321 (80)

There is much debate to who actually has the highest leap on record, most say David Thompson is the record holder who was measured at 48 inches. Others will claim it is Kaduor Ziani. GOod luch trying to leap more than 4 feet.


Answer by  mg (219)

The highest vertical leap on record for a human is 60 inches, or 5 feet. He is 5'10", and comes from Algeria. He tours with SlamNation, an exhibition of some of the world's greatest basketball slam dunkers. This leap is more than twice the average NBA vertical leap, which is about 28 inches.

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