Question by  fazt (147)

What is the greatest and best come-from-behind deficit in MLB?


Answer by  DaveG (75)

The largest margin for a single game was Cleveland Indians erasing a 12 run deficit to win the game in extra innings so that may be the best. This is a subjective question though because if you were a Mariners fan, the team that lost that aforementioned game to the Indians it was probably not such a great game.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

The greatest come from behind deficit to win a major league game is 12 runs. The Detroit Tigers on June 18th 1911 scored 13 runs against the Chicago White Sox. This was tied by the Philadelphia Athletics on June 15th 1925 when they scored 13 runs against Cleveland. Cleveland also scored 13 runs against Seattle on August 5th 2001.


Answer by  worker9319 (62)

The greatest deficit in MLB history is a 11 run deficit Tampa Bay rays against Orioles. Orioles ended up winning 32 to 12 they scored 31 runs in only 3 innings I was lucky enough to watch this game in person. I thought Tampa had it in the bag but they lost.


Answer by  azsmoke10rf (5)

The best come-from-behind win is when the 2004 Boston Red Sox came back in the ALCS against the New York Yankees. The Sox beat them in four straight games.

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