Question by  benjiross (993)

What is the formula for stucco product calculations?


Answer by  ross1976 (196)

This is for about 100 sq feet of stucco. Use 1 bags of Portland Type I and half bags Masons Type N. Approximately 30 shovels of stucco sand, 1 gallons of TK-225 bonding add mix and 1 lbs. of 1/2" chopped fiberglass strands. Lotsa numbers, but you'll need them!


Answer by  theblip (295)

I've seen a lot of online calculators where you simply input the requirements and they spew out numbers that you need - saves you the trouble of formulae and calculations. Not sure of the actual calculations formula though!

Reply by rejoice (216):
Plenty of these calculators for use - some are more useful and some are easy. Try a few before you use any. If you do not know what these numbers mean then don't try and mess around!  add a comment
Reply by addicted (186):
Lol! Whatever happened to notebooks, graphs, pencils, a tape and some arithmetic...  add a comment

Answer by  karenkay (343)

One bag of deGruchy's Ecologic Mortar mixed with 2. 5 parts stucco sand covers 9 sq ft at 3/4" thick or a finish stucco coat of 35 sq ft at 3/16".

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