Question by  ndifel20 (26)

What is the dream interpretation for a missing child?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Missing a child is to feel out of touch with the younger part of yourself or to be out of touch of the specific child, to be urgently wishing to care for another person. To search for a child is to seek community and personal wholeness and to protect vulnerability.


Answer by  Anonymous

Children are the most important possession. If the child is one's own, than you may be forgetting something important behind in the decisions you are about to make. If the dream happens in the city, you may feel overwhelmed, in the county... lost!

Reply by gloria8601 (1):
what i the child is someone else's? i dreamed my friend's daughter was lost/missing (gloria  add a comment

Answer by  pmcdonley (15)

One must consider the individual. Have they lost someone dear to them? Perhaps the child represents the dreamer. Maybe they are mourning the loss of the child within them.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

It is difficult to properly analyze a dream without more background information. However, just based on this gem of information, I'd say that if you have children, it could possibly represent your fear of them growing up and gaining independence. If you do not have children it may represent your search for the happiness you once had as a child.

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