Question by  nelsonmichaelr (203)

What is the difference between under-ripe fruit and immature fruit?


Answer by  hamosia512 (6)

Underripe fruits are fruits that are full-sized but have not yet reached peak eating quality. Immature fruits have not reached full size.


Answer by  aarti (56)

Immature fruit means unripe fruit,ripening process is not started or fruit which is getting to start ripening.Immature fruit looks different in color before ripening.for example, mango having green color before ripening & after ripening it's color change into yellow.Under-ripe fruit means fruit get started to ripe with changes of their color & taste.for example,grapes change sour to sweet in taste.


Answer by  Anonymous

Underripe fruits are not fully developed yet, immature fruits are fully developed but their minds aren't matured.

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