Question by  fishtales68 (21)

What is the difference between muskmelon and cantaloupe?

Maybe they are the same.


Answer by  dumbduck (29)

A cantaloupe is a type of melon that is not grown in the US. A muskmelon is a close relative of the cantaloupe that is grown in the US.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

They aren't the same. Muskmelon is a lighter color of orange. It is also much sweeter than cantaloupe. Muskmelons are also larger. The textures of the two melons is very similar, however.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Muskmelon is actual what you would typically see in a store as cataloupe. A cantaloupe is very similar but is limited to specific regions of the world and they do not coincide with the normal season of melons in the United States.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

A cantaloupe is a particular variety of muskmelon. Other muskmelons include honeydew, European cantaloupe, Japanese cantaloupe, North American cantaloupe, Armenian cucumber, and tigger melon. Muskmelons are all cultivars of the same species - Cucumis melo - which is in the same genus as cucumbers (Cucumus sativus)


Answer by  Tetete (43)

Muskmelon is the general category for cantaloupe. This is just the matter of category. It is matter of wording it. There are cantaloupes called muskmelons, but not all muskmelons are cantaloupes. The appearance of muskmelon is explainable by looking at a cantaloupe that can be bought in any general grocery store in the U. S, green and netted surface.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

The common fruit grown in North America is actually a muskmelon and not a cantaloupe. The most significant difference is the rind, which is textured or netted on a muskmelon, but rough on a cantaloupe.


Answer by  jeff24 (55)

Muskmelon and Cantaloupe are the same thing. There are different varieties, but they are essentially the same fruit. There are American and European varieties.


Answer by  Anonymous

tell me which is the right answer! cantaloups only with salmon orange skin, but muskmelon can be orange,green, and white.

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