Question by  Shirota (30)

What is the difference between inter- and intra- ?


Answer by  jackie (276)

Both are derived from Latin, but they have opposite meanings. Intra- indicates action within a common group: Intramural sports are those played between groups of students from the same school. Inter- indications action involving two or more different groups: Interscholastic sports involve two or more different schools competing against each other.


Answer by  x (96)

Inter- refers to between things and intra- refers to within a group. For example, inter-group relations would mean relations between different groups, and intra-group relations would mean relations among people within a single group.

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Simple Inter is between and Intra is with in


Answer by  Anonymous

intra means between the same group and inter between 2 different groups ex. intermarriage


Answer by  Anonymous

intra means the changes of its own group inter means the changes of different groups

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