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Question by  mstmp (75)

What is the difference between CBC and c. diff blood work?

My doctor ordered both for me.


Answer by  Gizzy38 (140)

A CBC is a count of red blood cells, white blood cells, your hemoglobin, amount of serum and other parts of your basic blood. C. Diff is an infection, usually found in stool, causing severe diarrhea, and leading to severe dehydration. CBC is a basic blood test often ordered, the C diff probably is in response to a complaint.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

A complete blood count with white blood count differential is what has been ordered. The differential is usually run as part of the CBC test. A complete blood count tests all parts of the blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The differential specifically measures the white blood cells.


Answer by  mb (5482)

CBC is complete blood count. They do a sample of all your cells. C. Diff is actually a test for the baterium Colostrium Difficile, it causes diarrhea.


Answer by  worker4452 (80)

CBC denotes a complete blood count, done when we are suspecting an infection in the body whereas C diff blood is done to detect an overgrowth of clostridium difficile bacteria.

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