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Question by  Mitz (36)

What is the conversion rate of pounds to American dollars?

I will be traveling to London soon.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

There are websites that'll help you convert currencies including xe dot com Check with your bank about using your creditdebit card to withdraw cash when you get there. You will need a PIN number and they may place a hold on your debit card balance. Let the bank/credit card company know you'll be traveling so they don't freeze your card.


Answer by  Maddux (65)

One British pound is currently worth $1.45 American dollars. Conversely, one American dollar is worth about 0.69 British pounds. The pound has gotten cheaper in recent months due to uncertainty over European economic conditions.


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

The conversion rate on 9-18-09 is $1 = 0. 6146 pounds or $1. 6270 = 1 pound. It will cost you $1. 6270 for each pound you buy.


Answer by  Mimi74 (19)

The exchange rate today (Friday, May 7th, 2010) is 1.00 Great Britain Pound (GBP) = 1.47469 United States Dollar (USD). But it sounds like you might need to convert your dollars to pounds. The current rate is 1.00 United States Dollar (USD) = 0.678195 Great Britain Pound (GBP). 500 usd = 500 x 0.678195 = 339.0975 pounds


Answer by  FrankDell (30)

Currently the rate is $1. 67 to one British Pound. This rate changes daily plus or minus a few cents each day. Tip: Do not exchange your currency at the airport you will get a poor exchange rate. In stead change it at a local bank in London.


Answer by  catch2007 (212)

The current rate for conversion from American dollars to British pounds is 1 American dollar is worth 0.683322 British pounds. Conversely, 1 British Pound is worth 1.46317 American dollars. However, this rate can change daily.


Answer by  inphri (38)

As of Saturday 5/8/2010, 1 pound is equal to US $1.4780. On the other hand, US $1 is equal to 0.6766 pound.


Answer by  brian7754 (243)

Right now, one US Dollar will get you about 2/3 of a British pound. In other words, 1 British pound will get you $1.51. This excludes conversion fees.


Answer by  elaine (450)

As we speak, it is $1. 65 to the pound. This figure will change constantly but luckily it doesn't flutuate wildly or suddenly. It usually creeps up and down slowly. Most importantly, check your credit cards' policies for conversion. Otherwise, the bill could be a nasty surprise.


Answer by  naresh54 (16)

1 pounds is equal to 1. 65 american dollars. according to that one should calculate the travelling cost to london.

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