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Question by  Xerxes187 (15)

What is the cause of yellow stool with stomach pain?


Answer by  StingRay (471)

You have the stomach flu. You're stool will or does have the consistancy of water. Once you can hold something down, drink the sweetest soda you can get and eat salty popcorn. You'll need the salt-sugar mix as well as the starch in the popcorn. Take an anti-diaherra medicine to help the healing process and move the bacteria out.

posted by Anonymous
why recomend the 'salt-sugar' and starch combo? Could this be 'bad' for your gallbladder? What if your pain is located in the gallbladder/kidney area?  add a comment

Answer by  Ellieb (8)

This could be caused by a stomach virus, especially if the stool is loose and watery. It can also mean that there is a bacterial infection present or that there is a problem with bile production. Those that experience these symptoms should be sure to drink plenty of water and notify their doctor of the change in bowel habits.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Yellow or pale colored stool is a sign that the gall bladder may not be working correctly. The stool will almost be white at times. The pain associated with this also indicates that this could be the same problem. I would recommend seeing your physician before the problem becomes much worse.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

This sounds like a digestive issue where your body is not absorbing enough of the fats in your bowels; eat more fiber.

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