Question by  Butter (68)

What is the botanical name of a Shamrock Plant?

I want to order some but I need the real name.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

There are two varieties : Trifolium repens which has a white flower and Trifolium dubium which has a yellow flower. Trefolium pratense has purple flowers and can also be used.


Answer by  Jules28 (196)

The only type that has the true rounded leaflets and has the greatest claim to being called a true shamrock is the Black Medick, or Medicago lupulina.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

"Oxalis Deppei", "Oxalis Regnelli", and "Trifolium Repens" are the botanical names for a few of the (many) varieties of trifoliate (three-leaved clover) "Lucky Shamrock" plants. They are actually more native to South America than Ireland. Four (hope, faith, love, luck) and more-leaved clovers are about a 1 in 10,000 mutation. "Oxalis tetraphylla" is a four-leaved (wood) sorrel a.k.a. "Lucky Clover".


Answer by  JaydaRose (11)

Assuming of course that by Shamrock you mean a simple green three leaf clover, I believe the name is Trifolium dubium.


Answer by  xtina (77)

There are over 900 species of Shamrock Plants, Oxalis brasiliensis Oxalis bulbocastanum Oxalis caerulea – blue wood sorrel Oxalis carnosa Oxalis callosa Oxalis chnoodes Oxalis commutata Oxalis compressa Oxalis comptonii Oxalis convexula Oxalis corymbosa Oxalis corniculata to name a few.

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