Question by  Drone (17)

What is the best way to go about pruning iris?

My iris really need pruning.


Answer by  calamityjean (173)

Irises should be pruned only when dividing them, which should be done every 2-3 years in the fall. Cut the foliage to within 3-4 inches of the rhizome.


Answer by  GKRISHNAVENI (126)

Spring and early summer are the best time of a year for annual pruning. You can remove dead and damaged leaves any time,to remove possible threats from dieases and decay.


Answer by  terry82 (191)

If you are post bloom and the flowers are gone, you can prune them to any height that is manageable. You need the leaves so that the bulb stores up energy for next year so take them down to the highest acceptable level. Don't cut back until the leaves wilt.


Answer by  Kathyj (63)

Iris's do not bloom well when in a crowded bed. The solution is simple, carefully dig the plants up and seperate the root system into individual clumps of plants, leaving 6 to 8 inches between plants. Then replant the extra Iris's in another bed, keep the roots moist if not transplanting imediatly.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

It is recommended to cut back iris after the first killing frost. By not cutting it becomes a host for borers and fungal infestations. It recommended to discard the cuttings, not to compost them.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Wait until the flower has completely died back, it will be brown and brittle. Remove the flower from the base but do not cut the foliage. The bulb needs the leaves to provide nourishment for next years growth. Once the foliage has completely died back, then cut the leaves back level with the soil.

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