Question by  Kevin16 (56)

What is the best size baseball glove for a seven-year old?


Answer by  2525252 (717)

You need to get a small size glove for your seven year old. That's the only size that will fit him perfectly.


Answer by  worker9319 (62)

It really depends on your hand size for the average seven-year old you would want a leather glove that is about 9 inches, but remember you have to break it in give yourself 2 months time to break it in.


Answer by  AEF (519)

It depends on the size of your child's hands. Go to a sporting goods store and try a few on. Buy one a little big for growth room.


Answer by  suitcaseface (53)

Choosing baseball gloves for children is less complicated than choosing one for adults. A child's hand is small and not developed yet, a light, small sized glove should suffice.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

There are no "specific" sizes for baseball gloves, unless you get it custom made. That being said, any of the major glove brands (Rawlings, Wilson, Reebok, etc.), will have children's gloves made for your average seven year old.

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