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Question by  smittyfuel (14)

What is the average time for the 100 yard dash?

I want to beat it!


Answer by  CDix (64)

The average time for someone to complete the 100 yard dash is about 20 seconds. Now, for someone young and in good physical shape expect to finish the dash in about only 12 to 13 seconds. Some high school students can do the 100 meter in about 9-10 seconds. Try to beat that one.


Answer by  Anonymous

In high school track invitationals, boys 11 seconds will probably give you a very good rank. For girls, anywhere from 12-low 13 seconds is very respectable. I'd say average girls times would be 15.5, because I run a 14.1 and normally get second place at my smaller meets


Answer by  alexm001 (19)

This race can be run on average in 12 to 13 seconds by a varsity level athlete and 10 to 11 seconds by a professional athlete.


Answer by  elkper9000 (31)

The average time for the 100 yard dash for a young adult in good physical condition is twelve to fifteen seconds. The world record is held by Wykoff at 9. 4 seconds, one fifth of a second faster than the previous record. That would be quite the time for you to beat.


Answer by  Mech99 (34)

On average, a person will run 100 yards anywhere from 10 to 18 seconds. Athletes, however, will run it much faster.


Answer by  Anonymous

A typical Police Officer can run 100 yards in a little over 30 seconds.

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