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Question by  Goutham (27)

What is the anti-gravity device invented by a French scientist?


Answer by  Rahman (29)

Anti-gravity is a space that is free from the force of gravity. French Scientist has done this anti gravity with lifter technology which is based on Biefeld-Brown effect.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

A true anti-gravity device has yet to be invented. Among the scientists experimenting with gravity control propulsion is Jean-Louis Naudin of France. Naudin developed a "LifterCraft" with no moving parts that uses high-voltage electricity to lift its own weight plus cargo into the air and fly.

Reply by wwgt (7):
have you ever heard of an airplane, escalator, hot air balloon ? or stairway?  add a comment

Answer by  swtsu1 (59)

A anti gravity device was developed and reproduced by a French scientist by the name of Jean Claudin. However, it has been widely held and disputed that the work is not his sole work, but a reproduction of another patented ion wind propulsion prototype that allows for anti gravitational lift.


Answer by  Karatta (46)

Its junk, thats it. No scientist has documented or proved beyond a doubt, anything related to gravity-theory, Grand-Unified Field Theory, or anything related to the control thereof. Dont belive everything on Google. com :)

Reply by wwgt (7):
Agreed. Gravity is a mystery . Other than the standard explanation of " density" we as humans are pretty much clueless, even though we have the ability to overcome gravity on a temporary basis.
airplanes, stairways etc  add a comment

Answer by  wwgt (7)

well, there are many anti gravity devices currently available escalators, airplanes, hot air balloons, stairways etc. However, what goes up ..will come down eventually . beyond these things, Humanity has not even figured out what cause's gravity. let alone overcome this mysterious force. Density is a place to start looking.

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