Question by  OCCMathWiz (13)

What is "summer" in French?


Answer by  Vidas (14)

"été" is a French word for "summer". The accent marks over "e" make them sound like long "a". It is pronounced "aytay". It's a masculine noun. Its definite article is "le", and indefinite article is "un". The vowel "e" in the definite article drops when its noun begins with a vowel. The drop is indicated by an apostrophe - "l'été".


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

The English word "summer", which is a noun, is translated as "été" in the French language. It is pronounced like it-ay. Ay rhymes with ray. An example sentence translated from English to French. "It is summer time." Would be. "Il est l'heure d'été."

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