Question by  durgaprasanna (7)

What is storekeeping?


Answer by  roy80 (7)

Storekeeping is the process of keeping stock in the store building in a proper and systematic manner. The stocks are properly counted and tagged and each item is entered in the Stores ledger.There will be separate page for each item and it shows the purchase and issue quantity and subsequently the balance in hand.


Answer by  TChapman (110)

Storekeeping is the act of owning, managing and working in a retail store in many positions including bagger, cashier, stock clerk and accountant. This position is considered the only one responsible for various tasks in terms of management and customer service.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Store keeping involves stocking arrived product on the shelves, handling customers at the cash register, keeping inventory, and keeping an eye out for theft.


Answer by  Tigger (40)

Store keeping is an older term for store manager. You can also be a shift leader, shift manager, etc. You are responsible for making sure the store is taken care of. Now in days you will probably will have a few employees that you need to manage. The store keeping is the top job for retail.

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