Question by  Pochi (15)

What is receptive speech?

The doctors said my son is delayed in receptive speech. I do not understand what this means.


Answer by  patti (29325)

When kids first acquire language, they understand a great deal more than they can actually express. Receptive language means that we understand what is being said and that our minds can organize the words so that they make sense. Discuss this at length with your physicians. You need to understand how you can do to help.


Answer by  Jenkins (149)

Receptive speech refers to the speech that an individual understands or takes in, as opposed to generative speech, which is the speech that an individual produces. Put another way, receptive speech refers to a person's ability to understand others speaking. The doctor apparently meant that your son is delayed in this ability.


Answer by  dcin (169)

Receptive speech delays have to do with how able your child is able to understand and process what they are being told,which then hurts their ability to communicate back appropriately.


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

A receptive language disorder basically means that the child has difficulties with understanding what is said to them. You should ask your doctor for more clarifications.

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