Question by  sampitamajumder (18)

What is perineural fibrosis?

What is this disease, what are the symptoms, and what is the prognosis once diagnosed?


Answer by  safetyshield (46)

A disease which builds a fibrous tissue around a nerve causing pain in the low back,kidneys as well as the legs. Some 'cists' can be removed for relief.


Answer by  bris (82)

Infiltration adjacent to or along a nerve. This may be due to recurrent stretch injuries or certain positions like prolonged kneeling and squatting, which cause perineural fibrosis. Oedema after trauma may result in a mini compartment syndrome which may occur when the tunnel was fibrotic


Answer by  Anonymous

I have perineural fibrosis & was told that it's a build up of scar tissue around the spinal cord from all the surgery I've had, I get nerve pain everywhere now & take amitriptyline to block some of the nerve signals on top of the morphine etc I take already.

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